Sitemap - 2023 - Dispatches from Daily Life

Friday Dispatch: Writing 11s (there are no rules)

Write Words, Make Marks

Listening to the Body, Listening to the Soul

Friday Dispatch: Come Write with Me in 2024

Solstice Blessing

Jewels on the Path Returns

Friday Dispatch: Not So Tiny Miracles

Hanukkah Haiku

Friday Dispatch: Sometimes Someone Teaches You Something

Friday Dispatch: When Dialogue Isn't Really Dialogue

Opportunities to Write + Connect

The Only Thing I Know How to Do

Friday Dispatch: 50 to 50

Being Boring Is the Bedrock

Friday Dispatch: Have You Exhaled Lately?

The Sun Also Rises

The Shamati Sessions Continue

We Don't Need Freud

Friday Dispatch: The Power of "Maybe..."

Notes From the Cognitive Dissonance

You're Not Alone

Becoming a Jew

Friday Dispatch: It Took a War

11 things with my rabbi's words, "mere mortals"

During my first case of Covid

Jewels in the Crown

Friday Dispatch: Trees, Water, Armchairs in the Woods

If I am not for myself, who is for me?

11 overly simplistic thoughts from a non-expert

Things I Need to Say

Taking the Heart to Heart

"How Human of Me"

What Else Could This Be?

11 things (spread over us a shelter)

Coping with a Broken World

Friday Dispatch: The Shamati Sessions


Still I Can't Cry

My Jewish Heart Aches

A New Website & a New Offering

Friday Dispatch: The Heartbeat That Holds Us

Serious Folly {a poem}

Friday Dispatch: Creative Conversations

What's In a Decade?

One Thing I Ask

Friday Dispatch: Covid Edition

Friday Dispatch: Abrupt but Intuitive Transitions

Eating Apples with God

Friday Dispatch: I Decided to Love It

We Don't Know Where We'll Be...

A Whole School Year of Writing Practice Begins Next Week!

The Work Is Not to Be Perfect

Days of Awe Poetry Workshop

Friday Dispatch: Easing Back In

Tell me all your thoughts on God...

Friday Dispatch: Annual Leap of Faith

Tuesday Thoughts: Return to Sender

Monday Musings: All the Barbies

In Praise of Transparency

Friday Dispatch: The Power of Witnessing

Longing to write, but there's always a "but"?

Will you help me spread the word(s)?

Friday Dispatch: Getting Words on the Page is "a framework for exploration and risk"

Getting Words on the Page – Your Questions Answered!

Getting Words on the Page: Today's the Day

So, What’s In the eCourse?

Distorting the Language of Social Justice

Friday Dispatch: Countdown to Getting Words on the Page

Special Announcement: Pop-Up Poetry Group!

Friday Dispatch: When You Got Nothin'

Tuesday Dispatch: A Simple Story

Monday Dispatch: Cognitive Dissonance

Friday Dispatch: Unencumbered

Friday Dispatch: A Full Circle Moment

Pay from the Heart Coaching Sessions Are Back!

Friday Dispatch: Wrestling with Praise When the World Is Burning

Midweek Missive: A Very Special One-Time Offer

Friday Dispatch: It's June. Leave the House!

Monday Missive: Alter Ego

Friday Dispatch: In the Image of God

Friday Dispatch: Every Voice Matters

Monday Missive: This Too Shall Pass

Friday Dispatch: Responding Even When You're Afraid

Tuesday Musing: My Rock Star

Friday Dispatch: Lost but not really

Monday 11s: Air Quality

Friday Dispatch: We Contain Multitudes

Friday Dispatch: Start With One Story

Friday Dispatch: Pride, Defiance and Responsibility

Radiance and Renewal Retreat

Friday Dispatch: Our Narrow Places

Shulamith, Sketch Book

One Conversation at a Time

Friday Dispatch: When the Sea Parts

Bagels, Belief and Belonging

Monday Meditation

Friday Dispatch: What a Week Brings


Friday Dispatch: Notes from the Compost Heap

Midweek Musings

Friday Dispatch: March Again

Get a Grip or Loosen Your Grip?

Some People

Last Call for "Three Little Words"

Good Poems

Friday Dispatch: How to Listen to Longing

The Moment I Stopped

Does The Future Still Love Us?