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This spoke to me--especially the part about being in an office all day. That was my life for my entire ‘career’ (I feel compelled to use quotes despite the fact that this job of mine is one I’ve had over 2 decades and IS, for all intents and purposes, a career.)


I’ve been FT work-from-home since March 2020. I’m still adjusting. Ha!

Now I have no excuse not to ‘get outside’ and I try to do that as often as I can. Or run errands. My work BFF and I call these ‘extracurriculars’. When I run an errand--leave for an hour or whatever and come back--it makes me feel real, free, energized. Like those people you saw walking around in the city. Ha.

Not beholden (somehow) to The Desk.

I’m too much at The Desk. So sometimes I move to the couch. Or the porch. Or the patio. (None of those spots are ergonomic and I don’t bring the mouse/keyboard so it’s not as efficient but...)

There are days I don’t leave though, and I’ll look out the window and then I’ll remind myself (to assuage my guilt at not being outside) that if I was in the office, I wouldn’t even have the window to look outside and feel guilty.

But that seems lame now, after 3 years at home. That office life is in the rear view mirror. I need to make new rituals, one of which is a daily walk, and another is eating lunch outside during the nicer months. And I need to see people. I’m having brunch with someone today after my 9:00 meeting--an extra-curricular spontaneously planned--then I’ll come back for my noon and 2:15 meetings. Maybe I’ll clock out early, Friday, we’ll see.

Thanks for the reminder to relish what we’ve got, especially during these lovely days.

Enjoy your cupcake!!

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